Residents of technological Innovative SEZ “Istok”

“SPE 'Istok' n.a. Shokin” Inc.



“SPE “Reflekt” Ltd.


Project: “Modernization and development of production of optical structures with thin- film coating for manufacturing of auto mirrors and special-purpose products”


“Istok audio international” inc.


Projects: “Creation of industrial base for LF and SHF range units and modules assembly using the  surface mount technique and automatic methods of micro welding and micro soldering” and “Creation of architecture for hardware and software suites of audio processing in real time on the base of general purpose processors with the purpose of creation of full range of earphones for practical hearing aid”


“SPE “Istok-Sistema” stock company


Project “Development and management of manufacturing process for medical diagnostic device for sphincterometry, pelvic floor muscle tonus examination and biofeedback- therapy”

“Scientific and production corporation
“Delta-Test” Inc.


Project: “Development of engineering facilities for production of electrical machines ARTA”

“Firm “VIPS- MED” Ltd.


Project “Modern production design  of radiopaque means Bar- VIPS in accordance with international standards of production of medications GMP”


Welfare centre of active rehabilitation of disabled people “Preodolenie” Ltd.


Project “Creation and production of components for technical rehabilitation equipment”


“SPE “MAGRATEP” stock company


Project “Development and mass production of SHF- defrosters of low and average capacity”




Project “Management of manufacturing process for native portable gas turbine power station with the use of gas- turbine engines GTD- 1250”


“GRIF” Ltd.


Project “Designing, assembly and production of plumbing fixtures”


Research Institute “Platan” Inc with the factory affiliated with the Research Institute


Development and production of information reflecting device (electron-beam devices, flat LCD screens, projection TVs)

Every company or entrepreneur that is legally registered in the territory of city district Fryazino can become a resident of technological Innovative SEZ “Istok”, except unitary enterprises.

A resident has the right to conduct technical innovative activities in the territory of SEZ including:

  • Creation and marketing of scientific-technical goods, including manufacturing, testing and marketing of initial lots;
  • Creation of software solutions, systems of data collection, processing and transfer, distributed computing systems;

Provision of services for implementing and maintenance of software solutions and systems, as well as industrial production activities including:

  • •Manufacturing of goods production;
  • •Recycling and marketing of goods and production.



The development program of technological Innovative SEZ “Istok” provides for acquisition of 37 residents by 2026 with total amount of expected investments of ₽ 49 464 bln (incl. creation of infrastructure objects of SEZ – ₽ 1,43 bln), creation of more than 4355 thousand workplaces (incl. high-performance- 3816 workplaces), total amount of revenue in budgets on all levels will reach ₽ 19 411 bln (where ₽ 13 312 bln- tax revenue, ₽ 6099 bln- social contribution)

Technological Innovative special economic zone

City district Fryazino
of Moscow distric

8 495 465-86-47